Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hot Pink Front Door: Valspar Berry Blush

We were so excited to get our new doors put in last year.  They completely updated the house and let in tons more light.  It was just in a "we do things half a$$ around here and then leave it" type way... Yes.  That is right.  We opted to order the doors unstained because it saved significant cash AND because we think we can do everything ourselves. 



No biggie right.  Just stain these fiberglass doors.  How hard could it be?  Truthfully.  Not that hard.  Anyone could do it.  JUST GET THE RIGHT KIND OF STAIN!  You know how you just walk into a store, ask an associate a question, and then go with his answer without even considering he may be wrong.  Don't do that!  We just went with the can of stain the sales guy pointed us to without even so much as a second thought.  That is, until we started staining! 

What we needed was gel stain.... what we were using was regular stain.  Big difference here people... huge!  For whatever reason we still didn't really question this product selection (at least not enough to start over) until about a week later, when it was finally dry to the touch, but if you touched it it peeled right off. 
Not exactly the look we were going for.

At this point we had already paid our contractor to hang the doors and even though they looked terrible up close we decided to just ignore it.... for a little over a year!  In a "we do things half a$$ around here and then leave it" type way.

Finally this spring we decided to remedy the problem.   Will stripped the doors and I painted them.

This picture is completely inappropriate but I think sums up his feeling about this quite nicely.... if you can read through the pixelation.

Just to complicate things further.  It is sad when your two year old stops taking naps for many reasons, but this is a huge one!

I think we only brought home 5 samples to choose from.  We are making strides in over coming our color choosing issues.  We had a couple blues, green, another stain, coral, and hot pink.  Would you believe the hot pink won?!? Valspar Berry Blush to be exact.

I LOVE it!  It makes the house so very happy to me.  This place has come a long way from when we bought it.  It was one of those places that everyone insisted was haunted (more on that another day!).  But now, I think it is apparent that people live here.  Happy people.  Hot pink front door type people!  It couldn't suit us any better!

In the same group of pictures on my camera was this beauty.

Blessed beyond measure!


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  1. I LOVE this Kandi!!!! Now I just need to see it in person to get the true feel of the Berry Blush!! Oh and the picture of Will is priceless!!

  2. I love your house, it is gorgeous and your pink doors are fabulous. The picture of your family is totally priceless. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love, love the doors! Would you please consider linking this at our With A Blast - All My Bloggy Friends #47 Hope to see you there :-)

  4. I wrote a post once about how the front door of your house should be like the smile on your face...warm and welcoming. Your home is grinning ear to ear!! LOVE IT!!

  5. Gorgeous! Not a color I would ever think of but they look amazing. Good job!

  6. Love your front door! It is gorgeous! . If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/05/sunday-link-party-8.html

  7. What a great hubby for helping you paint your door PINK! My hubby would die, lol. But it looks SO great and has such personality! I would never have thought of pink before.
    - Lora

  8. hooray for newly painted bright doors! one day I will be so bold. love this!

  9. you totally nailed it with the pink. it is waaaay better than the stain!

  10. Woo, hoo! You went with the pink. It looks great, esp. with the gray. Cool doors too. They give the entrance so much more character with the windows in them. Nicely done. Way to finish strong, even if it did take years! I know all about that, trust me.

  11. Gorgeous color and a beautiful family!!

  12. Oh I love that color! What a brave and beautiful choice!

  13. I love the color! It's perfect with the color of your house. Such a beautiful job and a beautiful family!!!

  14. Kandi,
    LUV your doors...the color really makes a great statement. Can you tell me where you purchased the doors?


    1. Hi Linda! The doors were special order from lowes. I do not remember the exact maker but these are fiber glass. Wish I could be more help!

  15. If given the initial choice, I wouldn't have picked hot pink. But looking at your front door now, I have to say that you made the right choice. It gives your home an interesting feel with how it offsets the rest of the exteriors, especially when looking at it from afar.

  16. Like Isaac, I wouldn't have picked pink for my own door but I think it definitely works for your home. It's a nice touch of character and very eye catching for anyone passing by. You guys did a great job! -Antonia @ A & B Siding and Roofing

  17. There's nothing wrong with hot pink. I find it pleasing to the eyes. And it looks like a happy color, actually. Unlike other pink, this one's not dull. Even if your husband is against it, still, he helped you with it; thank him for that. :)

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  20. I'm lovin' it! I actually just read like three of your posts today. So that means you better keep writing more, because I am going through these like they're going out of style.

  21. Such a transformation! I would always suggest getting a second opinion when doing any DIY project. I've worked at a hardware store too long to not suggest getting a second opinion. My colleagues are great people, but sometimes they are wrong. Or, at least they do not know the whole story. Always talk to at least two people, really helps!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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  23. I love your front door color!!! Berry Blush. When I check it out on the website it looks much darker than your door. Are you sure thats the right name??


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